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Now in my sixth decade - I'm amazed that I'm still around!

I married when I was only eight days away from turning 27 and my wife was 16 days away from her 19th birthday. She was a widow with two small children, and I was in my 9th year in the USAF. We had met in November of '71 and married in February of '72. Some friends thought it wouldn't last (not enough time to know each other, my previous free-spirited life as a minor libertine). I still smile these 34 years later (or 415 months). We added another son in '74, refuting the notion that we "had" to get married. But we actually did have to get married: We loved each other and could not imagine not being together.

We ended up serving our country for 20 years in the USAF and I am now in my 22nd year working in the defense sector - still serving in my own way. The USAF gave me a chance to see several of the world's garden spots such as Okinawa, Thailand, Vietnam and Germany. I was stationed in Texas (2 times), Illinois, Louisana, Nebraska, Maine, California, Idaho and Alaska. The five of us drove to Alaska in an IH Scout II pulling a 23 foot travel trailer. Drove from Nebraska to Michigan to see my folks then into Canada. Drove across southern Canada on the Queens Highway 1 to British Columbia where we visited some Canadian friends and the on up to the ALCAN highway, across the Yukon into Alaska. The ALCAN still had approximately 700 miles of unpaved roadway, just gravel. It was a trip of a lifetime!

I am agnostic, at least as far as I can tell! I am liberal in my political views but also believe that states rights have been diminished in favor of a strong central government. I don't like this. I believe that the states should have a strong voice in the conduct of central government. Most of us have a stronger tie to (and control over) our state representatives than our federal representatives. The federal representatives leave home and get co-opted by Washington politics, lobbyists and their political party. Makes it harder to keep an eye on them! Also believe that we should try an alternative to our convoluted income tax structure. Such as a sales tax collected by each state and doled out to the federal government as needed to provide for the common good.

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